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How President Obama found out about SCOTUS decision

Were you confused on how the Supreme Court ruled this morning? So was the President.

NBC's Chuck Todd reported a fantastic, in hindsight, moment today detailing how the President found out about the Supreme Court health care decision.

It seems that for a few minutes, President Obama thought the health care law had actually been overturned. The President was watching the news come in on a tv outside the Oval Office, on mute, on a quad box channel that showed MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, and a fourth, mystery channel.

Since Fox and CNN had erroneous banners showing that the law had been overturned, President Obama walked back into the Oval Office, thinking Obamacare had been struck down. That is until White House Counsel Kathy Ruemmler walked in, gave him two thumbs up, and explained the decision.

Hugs followed.

This could have made for the best "Punk'd" episode ever.