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Howard Stern writer adds raw voice to Weiner spectacle

Benjy Bronk, a writer for
Benjy Bronk, a writer forSpencer Platt / Getty Images

If you watched or listened to either of Rep. Anthony Weiner's news conferences, you no doubt heard a heckler in the background.

During Weiner's first presser last week, where he apologized for sending inappropriate Twitter and Facebook messages, the heckler asked a pretty pointed question regarding the former congressman's anatomy (Weiner didn't answer).

And at Thursday's media gathering, heckling was the order of the day again, as Weiner was interrupted about four minutes in while announcing that he was resigning. "Yaaaaay! Buh-bye, pervert," yelled someone in the room.

Howard Stern writer Benjy Bronk, who those in attendance quickly identified, did not yell the pervert comment. But he certainly added his voice to the proceeding. He shouted another lewd question about the congressman's anatomy and asked a departing Weiner, "Will you maintain your hot physique and smooth sexy chest?"

Why was Bronk even there? Well, obviously to get material to use during "The Howard Stern Show." Bronk put it this way: "I'm trying to get to the truth and, uh, get on camera," Bronk told the New York Times.

Bronk tells Scoop, "I didnt go to make moral judgments, I went to make comedy ... but I shouldn't have interrupted him, that was wrong. I don't think of Anthony Weiner as a pervert, I think he's a horny guy who handled his thing wrong, and I think the words 'horny guy' are redundant."

If you missed the spectacle, you can take a look at the video (which features Bronk). Meantime, cast your vote about how you feel regarding the sideshow within the media circus.

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