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iCondom app promotes safer sex

There is probably nothing more agonizing than the moment in which you and your eager partner discover that you're out of condoms. Thankfully, an app called iCondom might help such an awful situation come to a happy ending.

The app is part of an effort to promote safer sex and the result of a partnership between MTV's Staying Alive campaign and iCondom. It can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store.

iCondom is definitely a pretty basic app, but it could still help save your evening by using your iPhone's GPS feature to help you find the nearest place to purchase condoms.

Thanks to crowd-sourced information, many map locations will offer notes detailing things such as whether a store is open 24/7 or if condoms can be picked up for free at a particular location. As more and more users contribute to the app's crowd-sourcing effort, the "condom distribution map" will grow and hopefully become an up-to-date resource for those seeking a bit of protection in a hurry.

Now that we've got the basic information about the app out of the way, let's take a moment to giggle about its name. Done? Great, now go download the iCondom and use it to stay safer.

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