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If life gives you a decimated local economy, make lemonade!

Detroit Free Press

If the dreary state of affairs in Michigan, some of which Rachel discussed Wednesday night with Michael Moore, is getting you down, there's at least one sign of a brighter future. Joshua Smith, 9-year-old resident of Detroit, decided to help his city with its $200 million budget deficit by opening a lemonade stand. The effort drew the attention of local media and even some local university sports celebrities, so that the business he started on a Monday had already reached its $1000 goal by Wednesday.

By Thursday he more than doubled his goal and by Friday, the last day of his entrepreneurial run, he more than tripled it. This past Tuesday he presented the City of Detroit with a check for $2,832.64.

The project earned Joshua a call from the mayor, and a $2000 scholarship from the Rosa Parks Foundation to be awarded when he graduates high school. Joshua also received a Spirit of Detroit award for his youthful entrepreneurship by Councilwoman JoAnn Watson, who called him a superstar and “wonderful young man.” In an interview with the Detriot Free Press, Joshua’s father, Flynn Smith, said the money will be earmarked for parks and recreation through a city partnership with community groups. Joshua hopes the money will help with upkeep at the Zussman playground and Russell Woods parks, which are near his home in the Russell Woods neighborhood on the city’s west side.