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If the suit fits, Schock on Ryan

It's petty and it's not just us.

Before Paul Ryan's speech put fact checkers into mental back flips over his numerous, purposeful, factual inaccuracies (you know, what our Lawrence plainly calls lies) Paul Ryan did something else; he had a lot of people wondering if he would finally be wearing a suit that fit. It appears we were not alone in our curiosity about Ryan's physique and his suiting choices.

My counterweight and partner in snark, Senior Producer Nikki Egan (@negannyc) and I were waiting to see if this big event would be big enough for someone to actually put Paul Ryan in a well tailored suit. I know, I know you are likely thinking "but he's a Republican deer hunter from Wisconsin, a tailored suit doesn't fit the image of the down-to-earth "everyman" that the Romney campaign is so known for." 

Who needs tailored when you have Costco??

Just this week, Ann Romney made a point of telling a reporter that she buys Mitt's shirts at the warehouse store, tailoring bedamned. Plus, we have watched as Paul Ryan, a very fit guy, campaigns in Polo shirts that could have come from the Gordon Gekko era with sleeves down to his elbows. Still, we hoped for the best and hoped for a smaller lapel and a trimmer jacket . This was his big night.

His suit did seem to fit better than previous events but I could almost hear the words: "You're going to like the way you look" in my head as he walked out onto the stage. But perhaps he shouldn't take fashion advice from two producers wearing headsets, sitting in a crowded dark room with a thousand video monitors on the wall and our bosses, MSNBC executives, distracting us with, you know work.

Maybe Ryan could take advice from another young member of the House Republican Caucus? Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Il) has a few words for TMZ.COM about Rep. Ryan's wardrobe, and really, it's good advice. So, Aaron Schock do him a favor, I know this is crazy, but tell him maybe?