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Introducing 'Big Eddie's Board Of Truth'

Mitt Romney exchanged his Etch A Sketch yesterday for a whiteboard and Magic Marker to further his Soviet-style "just keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in" propaganda about Medicare.

Aside from the names Obama and Romney, every word on Romney’s board was a lie.

So Ed grabbed his own whiteboard, dubbed it "Big Eddie’s Board Of Truth," and showed everyone what the two plans for Medicare really looks like.

Under President Obama's plan, there are no benefit reductions at all.  The Romney-Ryan plan kills Medicare as we know it.

And what's going to happen?

Costs are going to be going up for seniors by $6,000.

The $716 billion in "cuts" (as Romney writes) is actually savings. President Obama redistributes the money to seniors in the form of preventative care and prescription drug savings:

Mitt Romney takes those savings along with another $1.3 trillion and uses it to pay for tax cuts for the rich:

Seniors, "you're going to have to pay more for care, whether you can afford it or not," Ed said.

He continued: "They're going to use the whiteboard, I think, an awful lot, because you can erase this and then put something else back on. You can switch stuff around. You can adjust the lies a lot faster as you go along."