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J.Lo and Marc Anthony dish on what their marriage was like

Mike Nelson / EPA file

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony dropped a bomb of sorts on Friday when they issued a statement saying they were splitting after seven years of marriage. The announcement came as a shock to many, and with good reason: the couple did little to drop hints that there were problems in the relationship.

Mike Nelson / EPA file

In fact, just before announcing their divorce, the couple shared with Latina magazine what it takes to make a marriage work. "I mean it’s about time, it’s about making the time for each other; it’s about being there for each other for the good moments and for the bad moments, you know, it’s just about caring," Lopez told the magazine. "To say how to care for somebody is a long list, but that’s really what it takes."

Anthony also said that making time for the whole family was of utmost importance. "We could take any job and any responsibility, but the biggest one we have is to our family. That’s the biggest job of all," he said.

Lopez pointed out that (at least at one point) they did make each other better. "We do make each other better. Because we have respect for each other, we’re able to listen to each other’s, I wouldn’t say criticism, but critiques of each other, and take them as a constructive thing, not as something that’s meant to hurt you, and we’re able to grow from that. I can say to him, ‘You know, I think it would be better if, when you’re onstage, you had this back-up singer’ or whatever, and he can listen to me and not say, ‘Well, I don’t think so.’ We really do listen to each other’s opinions knowing that the other person really wants to help you."

You can read more from Latina's interview with the couple throughout the week.

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