Jackie Chan’s Son Is Arrested in China After Marijuana Test

BEIJING - China is turning up the heat in a high-profile crackdown on drugs that has ensnared a string of celebrities, including the son of Hollywood star Jackie Chan, as the government seeks to push forward a wider campaign against extravagance and decadence. Chinese President Xi Jinping has vowed to go after corruption and excess among the elite, a prime source of public discontent as the gap between the poor and the wealthy continues to grow.

Actor and singer Jaycee Chan, 32, was arrested in Beijing after testing positive for marijuana, police said on Tuesday. Authorities said 100 grams of the drug was found at his home. Police also arrested Taiwan movie star Ko Chen-tung, 23, after a drug test found he used marijuana, Xinhua news agency said. The use of drugs in China, particularly synthetic drugs like methamphetamine, ketamine and ecstasy, has grown along with the rise of a new urban class with greater disposable income. Drug-related crimes carry harsh penalties in China including death or life imprisonment in serious cases. Action and comedy star Jackie Chan, 60, served as a goodwill spokesman for the China National Anti-Drug Committee in 2009, state media reported.

- Reuters