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Joe Biden visiting Tampa during RNC

Vice President Joe Biden (file)
Vice President Joe Biden (file)David Guralnick/AP Photo

Following in the footsteps of Bill Murray, Vice President Joe Biden seems to be going the party crasher route. The Obama campaign releasted a statement yesterday saying Biden would be traveling to Florida for "campaign events" next week — the same time as the Republican National Convention. So while he may not actually be at the convention, the VP will be in town, no doubt pushing the president's message as Republicans try to do the same within a few miles.

While the gaffe-prone Biden could very well become a distraction from the issues, it's just one more thing the GOP has to worry about on the eve of their convention. Between Congressman's Todd Akin's comments about rape and pregnancy, the news of Kevin Yoder skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee as well as a possible hurricane to contend with, the Republican party has their hands full.

Usually opposing candidates stay quiet during the other party's convention (as an excuse to take some time off and for the sake of curtesy). This year, however, both President Obama and VP Biden will be on the campaign trail as Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan accept their party's nomination. It begs the question: what will Republicans do during the DNC?  

The Republican National Convention is scheduled to take place August 27-30 (weather permitting).