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Jon Stewart, Dramatic Chipmunk call out congressional nerd bashing

"A series of tubes" is how then-Sen.Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) described the Internet in 2006 while defending his anti-neutrality position, and it seems not a whole lot has changed up on Capitol Hill since then.

Six years later, at least half a dozen congressmen referred to those who actually understand the global system of computer networks connected by the standard Internet protocol suite as "nerds." This smart people-bashing took place during discussions of the nerd-hated Stop Online Piracy Act currently before Congress.  

Jon Stewart shared a montage of left-handed congressional compliments on Wednesday's "Daily Show" in a piece about the day's Internet blackout by websites protesting the bill. He even brought Dramatic Chipmunk — aka Dramatic Prairie Dog aka Dramatic Gopher — to help, and included a montage revealing how "stealing" copyrighted content can age even a host of a fake news TV show.

More on the annoying way we live now: 

Helen A.S. Popkin goes blah blah blah about the Internet — at least until the Stop Online Piracy Act becomes a law, making snark a libelous felony. Tell her to get a real job on Twitter and/or Facebook. Also, Google+.