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Jonathan Waxman: How to make the perfect guacamole

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Jonathan Waxman, chef and owner of Barbuto in New York City, is known for his fresh Italian-American cuisine. Here, he tells about his latest edible obsession, and shares his tips for making the perfect guacamole. 

I’m, of course, Mr. Seasonality. Right now there’s one thing — there’s actually a group of things — little green spring vegetables. Baby peas, asparagus, fava beans and snap peas. And I think they’re the coolest, most healthy things in the world. It’s like all of a sudden you survive winter and then you get this little treat. And we’re starting to get these little fava beans — you can eat the whole thing, you don’t have to peel them — and to me that’s perfection. So if I had one thing to eat it would be toast with fava beans on top. And you know what you can do? Make fava bean guacamole.

You know the best guacamole in the world? You know how you do it? You get a molcajete or a mortar and pestle and you smash the cilantro, the jalapeno, and the onion until it turns into a slurry, almost like a soup. Then you don’t smash the avocado, you dice it. Put it in a bowl and put the slurry on top. Just add in sea salt and put a little lime juice on top, and that’s it. The fava bean guacamole is exactly the same thing, but you don’t have to chop the fava beans. You just blanch them and stir them in like that. If you cook them right, they should be tender, so when you stir in the slurry a couple times, all of a sudden it just gets lugubrious and oozy and delicious…OMG!

I really think that the whole homogenous guac looks like you got it at Whole Foods. There’s nothing wrong with Whole Foods guacamole, it’s convenient, but if you do it at home it should be chunky and fun! This is my favorite thing in the world to eat: I come home and I have fresh corn tortillas and I make my own guacamole.  That’s it.  Wrap it up in a warm tortilla and have a glass of rose. That’s kind of perfection, right?

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