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Karzai: Afghan Prisoner Release Is 'No Concern' to U.S.

<p>The Afghan president's comments dismissing U.S. concerns threaten to imperil U.S.-Afghanistan relations even further.</p>

If U.S.-Afghanistan relations seemed like they were already at an all-time low, Afghan President Hamid Karzai threaten to inflame them even further Thursday.

Karzai said the release of detainees considered dangerous by Washington was “of no concern” to the U.S.

Despite U.S. pleas, the Afghan government released 65 alleged militants Thursday.

U.S. officials say some of the men were explosives experts who were directly linked to attacks that have killed American troops, as well as Afghan civilians.

The prisoners release has been criticized by senior U.S. military officials to U.S. senators.

"It is of no concern to the U.S., and I hope the U.S. will stop harassing Afghanistan's procedures and judicial authority," Karzai said at a press conference in the Turkish capital Ankara.

The release comes at a particularly contentious moment for U.S.-Afghan relations. Karzai has refused to sign a Bilateral Security Agreement with the U.S. that the White House and Pentagon consider absolutely essential to keeping any American forces on the ground in Afghanistan beyond 2014.

Reuters contributed to this report.