Kate Suggests Alpaca Toupee For Prince William’s Bald Spot

The comb-over, the baseball cap or just the good old-fashioned wig have all been used by men through the ages attempting to battle baldness.

But the Duchess of Cambridge has eschewed these traditional methods in publicly calling out her husband's follicle flaws - and putting it to Prince William that he should use an alpaca toupee.

Kate teased the prince during the couple's tour of Australia on Friday, while visiting the prestigious Sydney Royal Easter Show.

The duchess was presented with a tuft of alpaca wool by an exhibitor and joked that because it was a similar color to Prince William's receding hairline he should use it to cover his shortcomings.

"The prince was interested in the alpaca and as I showed it to them the princess said he should put it on his head," exhibitor Lyn Crejan told the British Press Association news agency.

Image: Alpacas at the Vermont Farm Show on Jan. 28
Two alpacas appear at the 82nd annual Vermont Farm Show on Jan. 28. ANDY DUBACK / AP

"She said, 'You need it more than me', and pointed to his head and he laughed."

William's bald patch mirrors that of his father Prince Charles and is a source of constant amusement for his brother Prince Harry. However, Harry has recently begun to develop his own thinning area.

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