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Katy Perry is queen of the jungle in new video for 'Roar'

Image: Katy Perry in \"Roar\"

Katy Perry survives a plane crash, watches her companion get mauled by a tiger, fashions a sexy jungle outfit, and tames wild animals in her new video for "Roar."

The singer interacts with a host of different creatures throughout the video. Watch her make a spear out of her high heel and use it to retrieve a banana for a monkey! Hey, now she's showering with an elephant! And alligator breath is horrible — better brush those teeth!

Midway through, after being inspired by an animated GIF on a cave wall, Perry emerges with her "eye of the tiger," ready to conquer the jungle in a leopard-print top that should let all the animals know who's boss.

The tiger gets the picture, as he's later seen wearing a "Kitty Purry" necklace.

The video, released on Perry's official Vevo channel Thursday, already has 3.2 million views.