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Kenya's Maasai Warriors Scrap Lion Hunt for Olympics

The Maasai Olympics were created to encourage athletic competitions to replace the traditional lion-hunting as the way to earn status.
Image: A Maasai warrior makes the high jump at the annual Maasai Olympics
A Maasai warrior makes the high jump, in which athletes must touch a high line with the top of their heads, at the annual Maasai Olympics in the Sidai Oleng Wildlife Sanctuary near to Mt. Kilimanjaro, in southern Kenya, Saturday, Dec. 13, 2014. Maasai men and women from the Amboseli and Tsavo region compete for medals and prizes in the event which aims for a sports competition of Maasai skills such as running, jumping, and throwing, to replace lion-hunting as the traditional warrior activity. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)Ben Curtis / AP