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KLG and Hoda: We want a million Facebook fans, too!

Kathie Lee and Hoda are still on their mission to get as many Facebook fans for the fourth hour as the rest of TODAY. TODAY hit one million Internet thumbs-up-of-approval on Tuesday, which the ladies mistakenly related as "100 million."

"If we said 100 million who's going to check?" shrugged KLG.

There was a jump after the ladies asked for fans' help in getting their numbers up, but they're still hovering just under 400,000. This morning, they wore orange foam Facebook thumbs and waved them around like crazed Internet cheerleaders.

"We need more 'likes,'" shouted Hoda, briefly explaining to KLG how the Facebook button works.

KLG worried that things could go the other way. "Is there a 'detest' (button)?" She wondered. "Or an 'I hate you with all my heart'?"

"How about a 'love' button?" countered Sara Haines.

Until such a thing exists, you can help the ladies get to one million "likes" here.

Julieanne Smolinski is a contributor who is kinda into the idea of a 'I hate you with all my heart' button. But not for KLGH. 

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