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Kris Jenner on Kim and Kanye: 'She knows what she's doing'

Having trouble actually keeping up with the Kardashians? Fear not: Kris Jenner gave a candid interview to Hoda and Kardashian god-mother Kathie Lee about about Kim, Khloe, and the rest Tuesday. 

On encouraging Khloe to get a paternity test: "I'm somebody who likes to get right to the problem. Somebody says something, then prove them wrong… For me, I want somebody to be 150% sure."

On Kim's relationship with Kanye: "He's been a family friend for a really long time and he's a nice guy. If your kids are happy, you're happy… My kids are really smart about, you know timing and all that, so she knows what she's doing."

On Kim's 18-second marriage: "She feels horrible about what happened… Her priority now is work. She's full speed ahead and having the time of her life."

On overexposure: "Some of it you can't control… So you just have to recognize, you know, it sells magazines, so they're going to print what they want to print."

On who holds her purse: This guy. Yep. The ladies poked fun of Kris and her designated purse holder, Drew, who is also her bodyguard.  And yes, that is a matching tie.

Julieanne Smolinski is a kontributor. She is very sorry for typing that.

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