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Landslide sweeps houses into the sea off Norway

"You can basically say that I ran for my life,” said Jan Egil Bakkeby.

A landslide swept homes into the sea off northern Norway on Wednesday, while others were left hanging perilously close to the edge of the newly formed border.

As the earth underneath them collapsed, eight buildings and a caravan were dragged from their foundations into the water in the Alta municipality, around 1,200 miles north of the country's capital Oslo.

No one was injured or missing, Norwegian police confirmed to NBC News on Friday. Only two people were in the cabins, which are mostly used as holiday homes, at the time of the 800-meter long slide, the cause of which is unknown.

However, a dog was rescued by helicopter after it was swept into the sea and managed to swim back to shore.

The owner of one of holiday cabins, Jan Egil Bakkeby, said he left the building when he "heard a crack in the cabin."

"At first, I thought there was someone in the attic, but then I saw out the window that the power cord was smoking and then I saw that it was raining," Bakkeby told the Altaposten newspaper.

"I rushed out and fled up the mountainside where I saw it all from a distance […] You can basically say that I ran for my life,” he added.

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Bakkeby filmed the scene from higher ground as the properties and land sank into the water.

The day before, he had posted a photo on his Facebook page showing a large crack in the ground, near his cabin.

Located in the country's northernmost Finnmark county, Alta municipality is known for its rugged landscapes and as a good place to view the Northern Lights.

Police have now ended the search-and-rescue operation, and the Alta municipality will be monitoring the area until it is deemed safe. It remains fully-restricted until after the weekend, police said.