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Lap-dancing wife awarded $3.25 million prenuptial payout

A judge in Australia ordered a Sydney multimillionaire who met his wife when she worked at a lap dancing club to honor the $3.25 million prenuptial agreement now that they are divorcing, despite his argument that she was a gold-digger who used sex to lure him into a loveless relationship, Australia’s Daily Telegraph reported on Thursday.

The 58-year-old man, who was not named, told Family Court that he had become infatuated with the dancer, who is 14 years younger, in 1998 and that by the time they were married and signed the prenuptial agreement in 2005, he was "emotionally or pathologically dependent" on her, the report said.

The pair had lived together for a number of years before getting married, but the man complained that after marriage the quality and quantity of "intimate relations" declined steeply, which she reportedly disputed.

But Family Court judge Robert Benjamin said the man had not proved that his wife unfairly coerced him into a loveless marriage in 2005 and then out of $3.25 million of his $17 million estate, it said.

"(A) change in the nature of intimacy between parties when they marry is not an indication of fraud, coercion or unconscionable conduct. It is indicative of normal human behavior," Benjamin said, according to the Telegraph.

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