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Larry Page: Google+ has 40 million users

Chitika Insights' graph of the decline in page views on Google .
Chitika Insights' graph of the decline in page views on Google .Chitika Insights
One of the many features on Google : Hangouts on air.Google

After nearly four months, Google+ now has 40 million users, says Google CEO Larry Page.

In a statement released by Google about its third quarter financials, Page mentions G+ right off the bat:

We had a great quarter. Revenue was up 33% year on year and our quarterly revenue was just short of $10 billion. Google+ is now open to everyone and we just passed the 40 million user mark. People are flocking into Google+ at an incredible rate and we are just getting started!

It's true, people have been going to G+ since an auspicious beginning when the site already had 20 million users in its first two weeks — a milestone that took more than two years each to reach for rivals Facebook and Twitter. But since the initial frenzy of being part of The Next Big Thing, where access was only allowed through invites, heightening the need to be a part of it, that "incredible rate" has dropped off considerably. Even after G+ opened up to all and traffic boomed 1,200 percent, the numbers of users didn't explode exponentially. 

Page didn't say anything about active users on the site, but Chitika Insights, which documented a 60 percent drop in page views on the site after it went public, did have more to share on that:

Chitika Insights researched traffic patterns of the social network to determine whether the downward trend we witnessed was a short term fluctuation as some proposed, or just the beginnings of a long term trend.

As it turns out, our data shows that the trend seems to be continuing. After a brief blip in Google+’s traffic surrounding the site going public, we saw a prolonged and sustained downward trend in overall activity coming from the site. At its greatest, the gap between peak and trough measured over a 70% decline in traffic.

Chitika Insights' graph of the decline in page views on Google .Chitika Insights

They explain their methodology here.

Forty million is nothing to sneeze at, but the 750 million-strong Facebook had an estimated one trillion page views worldwide in June (we'll see how the recent changes make any impact on those numbers) and Twitter has 200 million registered on its site (half of which are logging in at least once a month).  

In a poll attached to a recent story about a drop in page views for G+, the highest percentage of the 1,429 respondents said that they were not on the social network that would take down Facebook.

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