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Latest Win for Citizens United?

The Supreme Court's ruling on immigration wasn't the only big decision handed down today. The High Court also struck down a Montana campaign finance law that had been in the books for over a century. The law banned corporations from spending unlimited money on political campaigns in order to combat corruption. But in a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court deemed the law unconstitutional on the same lines as Citizens United, that spending from corporations is a form of free speech.

Heather McGhee, the Vice President of the think tank Demos, joined us on the show today. Her organization, along with former acting Solicitor General Walter Dellinger and Hofstra Law Professor James Sample, released a statement reading, "It is very disappointing that the Supreme Court would not even give Montana its day in court... This cavalier dismissal of the considered judgment of all three branches of Montana's government is hardly consistent with the Supreme Court majority's professed concern for the autonomy of the states."

Listen to Heather McGhee's analysis of the ruling and its implications for campaign financing in this country: