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Let Me Start...

The Illinois Primary: Feeling confident that a win in Illinois will allow him to regain his aura of inevitability, Mitt Romney is shifting his argument back to President Obama, and away from the primary fight. Meanwhile Rick Santorum is raising the specter of a brokered convention to shatter Romney's aura of inevitability. A brokered convention may be the only thing to stop Romney: In his FiveThirtyEight blog in The New York Times, Nate Silver writes that Rick Santorum's chance of winning the GOP nomination may be slipping away. But keep in mind, every time Romney's been on the verge of putting this race away, he comes up short.


Here are Politico's five things to watch in Illinois tonight.


According to a new Quinnipiac poll, Virginia looks to be still in the Obama column. The President beats all of his Republican rivals, leading Mitt Romney by 8.


Today, House Republicans unveil their new budget. And Democrats are treating it like Christmas morning.


And finally, check out the Secret Service monikers Romney and Santorum chose for themselves.