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Let Me Start...

Changing the argument: Romney's big win last night in Illinois has shifted his campaign's focus. Now, the candidate and his supporters are stepping up the case that Romney will have an insurmountable delegate lead, that he's his party's eventual nominee, and the others should get out of the race and get behind him. Plus, his wide margin last night should shake off some of the 'loser' air he was beginning to take on in recent weeks. Rick Santorum vows to fight on, but the only upcoming contest that looks good for him are Wisconsin on April 3 and his home state of Pennsylvania three weeks later. But for Santorum, it may be too little, too late.


Romney immediately turned his attention to President Obama in his victory speech last night. The former Massachusetts governor belittled Obama's experience as a constitutional law professor and a community organizer. But Romney's not running against Obama in 2008. This president has been in office for three years and has earned experience far beyond Romney's stint as governor or at Bain Capital. Will anyone really buy into Romney's experience argument?


Despite Romney's wins, Politico notes how little enthusiasm there is for him among Republicans on Capitol Hill.


In Virginia, a majority is against the state's controversial ultrasound law.