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Let Me Start...

It's the two-year anniversary of the signing of health care reform. Why has the issue become such a hot potato? Mostly because of spin and rhetoric from the right. Case in point: Mitt Romney's rather disingenuous op-ed today saying he reformed health care in Massachusetts without a government takeover. He's implying that under Obama, health care was reformed via a government takeover. And of course that's not true. It's typical Romney hypocrisy. And here are Politico's five things the Democrats got wrong about health care.


The politicization of gas prices: Just like on health care, Mitt Romney's position on gas consumption and pricing has - shall we say - evolved. As governor of Massachusetts, he raised taxes on gas and advocated the same position he now attacks President Obama over. Check out this New Republic article. And, as always, don't miss Paul Krugman's column in today's Times. And for a fact check, the New York Times lead story today is about how the United States is moving closer to energy independence, despite all the rhetoric we hear from the right.


And more on the 2012 race: Peggy Noonan says it's time Mitt Romney got off the 'goofball express' and started acting like a president.


Don't forget tomorrow night's coverage of the Louisiana primary. The latest poll shows Rick Santorum with a 14-point lead. Polls close at 9 ET and we'll have complete coverage.