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Let Me Start...

The Main Event: The Supreme Court hears arguments about the core of President Obama's Health Care Reform Law -- the individual mandate. This is it -- the day everyone's been waiting for. Is the crux of the law -- the mandate that all individuals must buy health care -- constitutional? Here are Politico's five takeaways. And it's worth remembering that the individual mandate was a conservative idea born at the Heritage Foundation.


Mitt Romney is trying really hard to distance himself from the individual mandate. His campaign has put out a press release about how different Romneycare is from Obamacare, but it's pretty clear to everyone that they're pretty much the same plan. We've got MIT expert Jonathan Gruber, who advised both Romney and the White House on health care reform.


More on the 2012 Race: The New York Times looks at why Rick Santorum - a Roman Catholic - has failed to capture the Catholic vote.


No surprise here: A record number of Americans now oppose the war in Afghanistan.