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Let Me Start...

Worries about the economy, and with it the president's re-election

The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times both have lead stories about the gathering storms that may cause the economic recovery to falter.


The good news for the White House: Pres. Obama is in as good shape as Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were at this time during their presidencies.


Rather than let Mitt Romney come back to the political center, and tag him as a flip-flopper, Team Obama wants to keep him as the 'severely conservative' candidate he ran as during the primaries. They want to paint him as an extremist.


Does the establishment of the Republican Party think Mitt Romney can win? There are doubts...


The Secret Service Sex Scandal: More agents could be fired soon, says Rep. Elijah Cummings. Meanwhile, the ousted agents have been identified. And Sarah Palin responds to one of the agents who said on his Facebook page that - when he protected Palin - he was actually "checking her out".


Veepstakes: There's one potential running mate that would put Romney in a tie with Pres. Obama. And there are others who don't help him nearly as much. Check out the new polling here.


Michele Bachmann said Pres. Obama is "waving a tar baby in the air" on gas prices. Was that really the best choice of words the congresswoman could have made?