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Let Me Start...

The Dysfunction of our Democracy

Tom Friedman's column Sunday in The New York Times is a must-read diagnosis of the grave problems that plague our political system. How can anything get done in a system set up to prevent anyone from getting the power to do something?


The Obama administration has found a workaround to part of the problems -- like George W. Bush, his administration has expanded the use of executive powers to get things done despite an obstructionist Congress.


Politico calls Bill Clinton Pres. Obama's 'campaign whisperer.'


Paul Krugman writes about how Mitt Romney is the amnesia candidate. He's betting that American voters will forget that it's the Republican policies of George W. Bush that got us into the mess President Obama has had to dig us out of.


The trial of former Presidential candidate John Edwards begins today. 


And election news from France: Nicolas Sarkozy now faces a runoff against his socialist challenger.