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The battle is on for the youth vote

As both candidates jockey for younger voters, Romney sought to neutralize the president's advantage by coming out in favor of the Obama plan that would freeze rates on student loans. Young voters aren't as enthusiastic about Obama as they were four years ago, so this is smart politics from Romney. It's one of the key blocs of the Obama coalition where Romney can make some inroads. Meanwhile, Obama's looking to shore up support in college towns -- he's in Chapel Hill, NC and Boulder, CO today. And he tapes an interview with Jimmy Fallon.


Meanwhile Romney is expected to win all five primaries tonight - in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware (no surprise) and he'll celebrate by kicking off his general election campaign in New Hampshire tonight.


Polls: Obama's leading Romney in New Hampshire, whose four electoral votes could be critical in a tight race. And the president is within the margin of error in Arizona, a state that's long been on the wishlist of Democrats hoping to expand the map.

The Obama campaign is up with new TV ads in Florida, Colorado and Nevada.


Democrats are holding their convention in Charlotte, but Politico points out that North Carolina is souring on Pres. Obama and his party.


Newt Gingrich is hinting he may drop out of the race if he can't win Delaware tonight. It's a state some Romney folks think Gingrich could actually win.


VEEPSTAKES: Nate Silver questions whether picking a vice presidential running mate can really help a presidential candidate pick up his #2's home state.


Romney campaigned in Pennsylvania yesterday with Florida Senator Marco Rubio, one of the most mentioned choices for the veep slot.


THE EDWARDS TRIAL: It all comes down to whether jurors will believe the former Senator or his one-time top adviser Andrew Young.