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Let Me Start...

Clean Sweep

Mitt Romney won all five primaries last night, and used his victory speech to turn his attention to the general election against Pres. Obama. He said a better America begins tonight, saying to the president "we're not stupid" and promising victory on Nov. 6. But he also talked about fairness -- a clear sign that he's bothered by the White House line of attack. But really? Fairness? From Romney? Let's look at the Ryan budget to see how fair it really is.


Newt Gingrich will reassess his campaign after a big loss in Delaware, a state he hoped to do better in. But Newt's the only person left in America who is reassessing the Gingrich campaign. For the rest of us, it ended months ago.


President Obama is in campaign mode, basking in the warmth of college campuses. He did the University of North Carolina and the University of Colorado yesterday, and today he goes on to the University of Iowa. He needs to energize the youth vote - which was a key part of his 2008 victory.


Another sitting member of Congress goes down: Five-term Democrat Tim Holden of Pennsylvania was defeated in his primary last night by attorney Matt Cartwright. Holden - a Blue Dog - voted against health care reform and Cartwright made him pay for it. Meanwhile, Rep. Jason Altmire was also defeated in his primary against fellow Democrat Rep. Mark Critz in a battle brought on by re-districting. Altmire also voted against health care reform.