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Let Me Start...

What are we to make of the 'outrage' over President Obama trumpeting the death of Osama bin Laden? After eight years of cowboy foreign policy and the threat of terror attacks if Democrats were elected, is it wrong that President Obama is reminding voters of one of his biggest accomplishment -- and one his predecessor could not get done? Or are Republicans just ticked off that they have to give Obama credit?


The New York Times examines how Obama is using Bill Clinton to win back donors and votes. And on the Republican side, the Times looks at the rise of Paul Ryan into the most important figure in the Republican party -- Romney notwithstanding.


The Obama campaign's new video gives us another clue as to how they'll run against Mitt Romney -- by emphasizing that there's more work to be done and we have to move forward. The Romney campaign, with its talk of the Soviets, seems mired in the Cold War past.


Voting wrongs: Obama campaign advisers say new restrictions and voter ID laws are putting an undue burden on voters. Here's how their dealing with it.


Last year it was Trump, this year President Obama targeted Mitt Romney during his jokes at the White House Correspondents Dinner.