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Let Me Start...

Dirty Angry Money, Condemned... But Can It Be Stopped?

Conservative billionaire Joe Ricketts' notion to revive Jeremiah Wright as an issue against Pres. Obama drew widespread condemnation, even from Mitt Romney himself. The White House wanted to hear a stronger condemnation from Romney, who fired back at the Obama campaign in his response. But the big question remains: In our new Citizens United world does Romney have any power whatsoever to stop third party groups from running inflammatory campaigns against the president? Would Romney stand up to such organizations? As the Washington Post points out, often it's Romney's allies that are his biggest foes.


The jury in the John Edwards trial gets the case today.


And in a story we told you about yesterday, today is the day Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is to speak at Georgetown University, despite protests from conservative Catholics.