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Let Me Start...

NBC-Marist polling day!

New numbers in three key battleground states, and it's close everywhere. First in Iowa, where Obama and Romney each have 44%. In Nevada, it's a statistical tie with Obama holding a two-point lead over Romney 48% to 46%. And same story in Colorado, where the president has an insignificant one-point lead, 46% to 45%. The good news in these numbers for President Obama is that, in all three states, he's leading among independents.


What are President Obama's options in Syria? He's not eager to get into another military conflict in the Middle East, but each day the regime of Bashar al-Assad brings new brutality to the Syrian people. Republicans - predictably - are criticizing the president for inaction, but does he have any good choices to bring stability to the country?


After eight days and no verdict, the alternate jurors in the John Edwards case have been sent home. And it looks like the jury is struggling to find the former two-time presidential candidate guilty.


And how's this for awkward: President and First Lady Michelle Obama are hosting the Bushes -- both former presidents and their wives -- for lunch today at the White House. The Bushes have all supported Mitt Romney, but they're on hand today for the official unveiling of the portraits of George W. and Laura Bush.