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Let Me Start...

On the day after SCOTUS upheld the Affordable Care Act in a 5-4 decision with Chief Justice John Roberts surprisingly siding with the liberals justices, it seems everyone is debating the political implications for President Obama.  Who won this fight?  Will this decision change the minds of any conservative dissenters, or will it motivate people even more to vote for Mitt Romney, who yesterday vowed to repeal the health care law?  While this story may not yet be finished, the Court's ruling leaves intact the President's hopes of being remembered as a transformative president along with FDR, LBJ, and Ronald Reagan.


President Obama cannot dwell on health care for too long, however.  He jumps right back into work mode today visiting a fire-ravaged Colorado, which also happens to be an important swing state.  While the President's reason for making the trip is to get a firstand look at the damage and ascertain whether additional federal resources are necessary, it is kind of hard to miss the political concerns that create an imperative for Obama to be on the ground.  This is not, after all, the first time Mother Nature has inserted herself into the political arena.  Everyone remembers the detached image of President Bush viewing the Katrina damage from Air Force One, and what that image did for his, well, image.


Plus, Sheldon Adelson's pledge to give a whopping $10 million to the Koch brothers marks the beginning of a beautiful friendship in the world of conservative politics, a world that's becoming increasingly saturated with dirty, angry money.


And speaking of alliances, David Brody will join us tonight to talk about how the Tea Party and Evangelicals have teamed up to become - you guessed it - Teavangelicals


Happy Friday!