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Let Me Start...

The Romney campaign is charging the Obama campaign with hitting a new low after Joe Biden's comments about Wall Street banks. Romney himself gave a tough speech last night against what he's calling the president's "campaign of division and anger and hate". The Obama campaign says Romney sounded "unhinged". What's going on here?



Paul Ryan and the Obama campaign are trading shots over who will do more to protect Medicare. Both sides are saying the other would gut Medicare -- clearly an attempt by the Romney/Ryan folks to define the Ryan plan before the Obama campaign does.


Politico reports that Ryan is of no help to Mitt Romney when it comes to Latino voters.


Lots of primary results from Connecticut (where a rich former pro wrestling executive gets another shot at the Senate), Florida (where the Tea Party lost) and Wisconsin (where its support was split).


New polling from New Hampshire shows President Obama with a six-point lead over Mitt Romney.


Congress is back to its all-time low in approval, according to Gallup polling.