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Associated Press

Romney's Unforced Error?

Mitt Romney wanted to make this election about the economy. But - as the New York Times points out - his choice of Rep. Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate has shifted the focus from the economy to ideology, and arguably safer ground politically for Democrats. By appealing to conservatives, Romney has alienated moderates that may have given him a second look.


Swift Boat Part II: A group of ex CIA and special operations officers have launched a campaign -- backed by former Tea Party and Republican operatives -- to criticize President Obama for what they say were leaks made for political gain surrounding the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. Just like with John Kerry, they're finding a way to hit the president where he's strongest. And the scary thing is, it actually worked in 2004.


Romney's no longer calling President Obama a nice - but ineffective - guy. Now he's going full bore, attacking the president and saying he's waging a campaign of anger and hate. Romney's goal is clear -- bring Obama's likability ratings down to Romney's level. But will voters respond positively to a candidate they don't like - Romney - with nothing but angry things to say about his opponent? Is that the reason to vote for someone?


We heard Sarah Palin say it... and now her 2008 ticket-mate says Obama should replace Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton. McCain is going out of his way to prove he's no better than Palin when it comes to stirring the pot. The funny thing about it is that Palin suggested that an Obama-Clinton ticket would have a good chance of winning, and it's Biden who's dragging the president down. Doesn't that run counter to all the negative stuff Palin's been saying about Barack Obama the past four years? Bottom line -- it's not going to happen.


About those tax returns... Ann Romney says they will not release any more tax returns, because it will give Democrats "more ammunition". She insists they're not hiding anything, but says the more they release, the more they get attacked.