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Let Me Start...

The Lucky 13

Mitt Romney says he never paid less than 13% in federal income taxes, but Democrats still want proof. Ann Romney says they won't be releasing any more tax returns, and if they don't, the rumors that he may have paid less than 13% -- or perhaps none in some years -- will persist. Either way, in making the statement about his taxes, Romney stepped on his own message about his Medicare plan.


The Obama campaign is up with a new ad about Paul Ryan's plans for Medicare citing the AARP's criticism of the Ryan budget and its support for what President Obama did to shore up Medicare.


After denying it several times, Paul Ryan now admits he did ask the Obama Administration for stimulus funds for his district. But after benefiting from it, Ryan now says the stimulus was bad policy and didn't work.


Nate Silver explains why he's not buying the Romney bounce.


New polls show the race getting closer in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.