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Let Me Start...

Associated Press

Two Words That May Change This Campaign:

Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin of Missouri is walking back unbelievable comments he made about "legitimate rape". Akin said women can't get pregnant when they're raped, and if they do, the unborn child shouldn't be the one that's punished. Akin was the most conservative candidate in the Republican primary field and the one Sen. Claire McCaskill wanted to face. And now we know why. Akin was leading in the polls, but for how long? Democrats looked to tie Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to the Akin comments. And the Romney campaign, knowing how toxic Akin's comments could be up and down the ballot this November, quickly put out a statement saying neither Romney nor Ryan are opposed to abortion in the case of rape... a position that seems to contradict an earlier view held by Ryan.


Extreme Makeover: The Romney campaign is working hard to project a warm and human Mitt Romney at next week's convention. The New York Times reports that the Romney campaign is enlisting professionals to help Romney present a relaxed image and reverse those personal likability numbers, which aren't very good. But can nifty packaging make Romney likable?


Democrats are now moving their attack against Paul Ryan to the topic of Social Security. Ryan embraced a plan to privatize Social Security during the Bush years, but it got a deservedly chilly reception from voters.


The FBI investigated a case of a Republican congressman who went skinny dipping in a holy site in Israel at the Sea of Galilee. But should the Congressman resign?


A new Gallup poll of swing state voters finds a majority says they're not better off than they were four years ago.