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How Long Will Akin Last?

U.S. Rep. Todd Akin says he's staying in the Missouri Senate race, despite efforts by the Republican Party to oust him from the campaign. Don't forget, the GOP establishment wasn't behind Akin during his primary campaign, so he may not feel like he owes the party anything. He's even released a new ad asking voters for forgiveness. That said, with Karl Rove and the NRSC pulling money from Akin's campaign, he looks like a dead man walking. Akin has until 5pm today to get out and allow the Republican Party to nominate someone else.


The latest polling out of Missouri shows the Senate race tied -- even though voters strongly disagree with Akin's remarks.


The New York Times reports that Akin's comments that women's bodies can somehow shut down and prevent pregnancy in the case of rape is a familiar -- but very wrong -- theory on the anti-abortion right.


Mitt Romney and his allies now have a huge cash advantage over President Obama.