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Let Me Start...

Romney's Medicare Irony

Mitt Romney says he'll restore that $716 billion in provider expense that President Obama identified and cut out of Medicare. (Keep in mind, these are cuts to the provider side, not the beneficiary side -- the president actually strengthens Medicare for seniors.) But analysts say Romney's move would actually quicken Medicare's insolvency -- by eight years. And it would make Medicare coverage more expensive for seniors. The New York Times quotes one baffled analyst who says Romney's vow is both "bogus" and "puzzling."


The biggest headwind against President Obama's re-election is the struggling economic recovery. But Republican claims that Obama has made the jobless situation worse just don't add up.


A defiant Todd Akin says he's staying in the Missouri Senate race, despite pressure from Mitt Romney and a slew of Republicans. Akin essentially told Romney to mind his own business. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin suggests Republicans should support a third party candidate.


Meanwhile the Republican Party has adopted strict anti-abortion language in its official platform, and does not allow for an exception in the case of rape or incest.


No one will ever say Vice President Joe Biden shies away from colorful language: He called Republicans who were opposed to Wall Street reform "squealing pigs."