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Let Me Start...

Republican Convention - Day 2

Tonight it's Paul Ryan's turn to make his case. But how much will he reveal about his vision of America? His budget plans have been called "radical" by none other than Newt Gingrich, and for lower and working class people the changes under Ryan's vision would be stark. Also tonight: Mike Huckabee -- who once said Mitt Romney had no soul -- and Condoleezza Rice.


The big goal of a convention is to put the candidate's best face forward -- but for Mitt Romney, that may be a high bar to clear, according to new polling. He's underwater when it comes to personal favorability.


The New York Times calls the first night of the Republican convention a "parade of truth-twisting, distortions and plain falsehoods." Ouch.


Did you catch how many speakers last night talked about how their parents were helped by the GI Bill? It's an ironic point considering the Republican Party's overall opposition to federal government aid to individual people.


In Arizona, freshman congressman Ben Quayle - son of the former Vice President - is out of a job.