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Letter from Mississippi: 'I am not living my life wrong'

Mississippi Public Broadcast

We heard today from one of the Mississippians featured on the show last night in our segment about marriage equality (video).

Jamie Owens, in the blue shirt at left, writes:

I wanted to thank you for shining a spotlight on our fight here for full equality in Mississippi. I am Jamie Owens, lovers with Kurt Hebert. We are one of the couples featured on your show applying for a marriage license. I wanted to say that the moment Barbara Dunn said we were denied the license I felt like every single hurtful word or hateful thing that had ever been done to me because of me being Gay slapped me in the face and broke my heart all over again. To say that my love and my life with Kurt is DENIED broke my heart. I knew that was why I came. I needed to understand that no matter where you live or where you go in life, someone will say you're living wrong. I have the full belief through my life experiences that I AM NOT LIVING MY LIFE WRONG. I believe that LOVE is the key to life and the key to understanding people or things that you don't. It is not just about Equal Rights; it's also about Human Rights. I believe all Humans should have the same rights.

I wanted to also say that when she said "denied," NO ONE LAUGHED. We felt empathy and understanding from Barbara Dunn and all the employees. The entire day was full of LOVE and support from everyone we came in touch with. Even by people passing in cars on the street. Marriage Equality must be in every State in the Union. I love Kurt and I am building my life with him. We are American citizens and tax payers. We want equal protection under the law. I will continue to seek legal representation to fight this and seek a LEGAL Mississippi Marriage License that says Approved!!!!

He signs the letter, "A Loving Human, Jamie Owens."

Totally worth it: Interview with Jamie Owens, loving human, on Mississippi's public radio network.

Below, video from the Campaign for Southern Equality's trip to the Jackson, Mississippi, marriage bureau.