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LinkedIn 'likes' Facebook maybe too much?

If you're on LinkedIn, it's not to send someone a cutesy heart, or share news about your planted crops on FarmVille. And if you are sharing that kind of stuff, you need a lesson in "LinkedIn 101." Wait — maybe LinkedIn needs a lesson in LinkedIn 101, as in: Do not become too Facebook-like; it could ruin the good thing you got goin'.

The professional networking site is best known for its "connections" and recommendations that job hunters are urged to pile up like wood in the winter.

But it seems like LinkedIn is grabbin' some Facebook fluff, notes The Next Web:

If you are a regular LinkedIn user you will have noticed how the site has changed in recent months. It used to be very static and you would simply head over to LinkedIn to search for people, but the new layout features a "wall" at the front and center of the site encouraging you to share content. Having an activity stream just like Facebook keeps users more engaged and gives the site a more real time feel. It’s not quite on the Facebook level in terms of engagement but that is where they are hoping to head.

Also, LinkedIn has added "share" buttons, akin to Facebook's "like" button, which "have started to appear all over the Web," and Facebook's pages for companies has also been mimicked b y LinkedIn. "Brands and businesses can now allow people to 'follow' them as well as sharing information with their users. The pages don’t have as much flexibility as Facebook pages but it is early days and they will no doubt expand them further soon."

LinkedIn isn't for everyone — it's got about 100 million members worldwide, compared to Facebook's near-700 million. It's also in the midst of an initial public offering.

And while it's not unusual for social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to take cues from one another, the danger is they could wind up losing what they were best known for to begin with, that special appeal that made them stand out from the crowd.

—Via The Next Web

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