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Links for the 1/25 TRMS

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Michigan takes up casino gambling expansion; proposal for Pontiac Silverdome

High winds shred Pontiac Silverdome roof... and it's OK

Owner of Metro Detroit's Silverdome says roof was coming off anyway

$1-billion Commonwealth of Belle Isle idea greeted with skepticism from city officials, stakeholders

Gov. Rick Snyder in Grand Rapids: Right to work irrelevant to Michigan's future economy

Michigan's toughened emergency manager law rejected

Gov. Snyder signs new Michigan emergency manager bill

Fark items tagged "Florida"

Deputies: Naked intruder jumped from roof, attacked couple, pooped and masturbated

Dem Candidate's Wife Douses Florida Reporter With Bucket Of Water

Rick Scott's Welfare Drug Testing Law Even Bigger Failure Than Previously Thought

Analysis: 201,000 in Florida didn't vote because of long lines

Gov. Scott calls for more early voting days, sites

REDMAP - How a Strategy of Targeting State Legislative Races in 2010 Led to a Republican U.S. House Majority in 2013

The GOP's Electoral College Scheme

How Republicans Plan to Rig the Electoral College and Steal the White House

Thoughts on GOP "rigging" the Electoral College

GOP Memo: Gerrymandering Won Us The House Majority

GOP Eyes New Election Laws

Va. governor signals opposition to GOP lawmaker's Electoral College scheme

Haley Barbour against electoral college change

GOP is pushing electoral changes

FL House Speaker Weatherford opposed to GOP Electoral College plans

Virginia State Senate Moves Ahead on Electoral College-Rigging Bill

Updated: GOP Sen. Smith opposes bill to allocate presidential electoral votes by congressional district

McDonnell Opposed to Changing Virginia Electoral College

Corbett Reiterates Support for Electoral College Plan

Electoral College fixes could backfire, state's top GOP frets

Theoretical Way out of Election Process Fights: Apportion Electoral Votes

Michigan legislators weigh changes to Electoral College rules

Saxby's Challengers?

Rep. Paul Broun not sure if Obama is citizen

AUDIO: Phil Gingrey Explains How 'Legitimate Rape' Is 'Partly Right'


Aide said Romney probably would not watch inauguration

Romney to be honored Friday at D.C. luncheon

Clint Eastwood's Empty Chair Finds an Unlikely Home

Mitt Romney is back. But he never really left.

Republicans grapple with deep divisions, de-Romneyization, as RNC meets in Charlotte

Reince Priebus reelected chairman of the Republican National Committee

Mumbai Attack Sites

The American Behind India's 9/11—And How U.S. Botched Chances to Stop Him

Watch a Confessed Terrorist Scramble to Save Himself

American Sentenced To 35 Years In India Plot

Mumbai terror attacks: surviving gunman hanged in India

Democratic support for Hagel grows

Gillibrand joins Schumer in backing Hagel for Defense Department

Chuck Hagel Promises To Extend Benefits To Gay And Lesbian Military Families

'Use Your Mandate' Formed To Pressure Chuck Hagel On LGBT Issues

Liberal Group's Anti-Hagel Ad Hits TV Screens


Dem Group Airs Ad Blasting Hagel as 'Anti-Gay, Anti-Woman, Anti-Israel'