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Links for the 2/20 TRMS

Citations for Wednesday's show are listed after the jump.

FreedomWorks Made Video of Fake Giant Panda Having Sex With Fake Hillary Clinton

FreedomWorks tea party group nearly falls apart in fight between old and new guard

Inside the Dick Armey, FreedomWorks split

Exclusive: Dick Armey Quits Tea Party Group in Split Over Direction (UPDATED)

One Hundred Sixth Congress - Congressional Pictorial Directory (pdf)

Koch World reboots

Kochs Postpone Post-Election Meeting

Top Donors to Republicans Seek More Say in Senate Races

Karl Rove's new 'Conservative Victory Project' earns conservative ire

Thank God for American Crossroads and the Conservative Victory Project

Crossroads effort mocked on right

FreedomWorks Reacts to Karl Rove's New Project: The Empire is Striking Back

Tea party group pictures Rove in Nazi uniform


Ted Cruz, making quite an entrance

The GOP's astonishingly bad message on sequester cuts

Don't Be Seduced by the Sequester

Mass. Republicans Finding It Hard To Field Senate Candidates

Poll: Cuccinelli, McAuliffe tied in governor race

'Friends of Hamas': My role in the birth of a rumor

Senate Minority Leader Fooled by Report in Military Version of The Onion

Mitt Romney to address CPAC next month

Mississippi's lone abortion clinic gets license warning

Senate OKs bill regulating abortion providers

After lengthy debate, Alabama House passes abortion-safety bill (updated)

Ala. House passes bill to toughen abortion clinic rules

President's rely to Khrushchev

Boehner PowerPoint (pdf)

The sequester slideshow that may haunt the Speaker

Exclusive: Rep. Paul Ryan on 'Hannity'

Ryan: Sequester will take effect because Obama failed to act

Medal of Valor Awardees

Firefighter braved 1,000-degree heat, pulled man trapped in burning building

Jail Guard Describes Armed Inmate Take Down

Public-sector austerity in one graph

Groundhog Day in the labor market