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Links for the 2/25 TRMS

Tonight's citations are listed after the jump.

Mitt Romney Is Terrible For Traffic

29 Photos Of Baby Barack Obama

30 Photos Of Mitt Romney As A Child

35 Photographs Of Barack Obama As A Young Man

50 Dreamy Photographs of Mitt Romney As a Young Man

The GOP revival must go beyond joining Twitter

The Sequester Is Terrible For Traffic

Deficit Reduction: Focus Mostly on Spending But Keep Taxes in Mix

Government shutdown averted: Congress agrees to budget deal, stopgap funding

Washington strikes deal on debt ceiling

S&P downgrades U.S. credit rating for first time

Senate leaders announce bipartisan agreement to avert government shutdown

Obama, Senate Republicans reach agreement on 'fiscal cliff'

Hatch warns Utahns of economic disaster, talks immigration

Rep. Tom Price thinks the sequester is necessary to "get this economy rolling again"

Jeff Miller newsletter, Feb. 10, 2013

Rand Paul: Sequester A "Pittance" That Nibbles At The Edges

John Boehner: The President Is Raging Against a Budget Crisis He Created

Acceptance of Defense Cuts Signals Shift in G.O.P. Focus

Flash Mob in Times Square Honors Victims of Newtown

An Open Letter to the 2nd District

From New York, Making Guns the Issue in a Chicago Race

Illinois state Sen. Toi Hutchinson drops out of race for Jesse Jackson Jr.'s US House seat

Braun's pollster: She's in second place!

No more campaign debates for Robin Kelly before election

A CIA Veteran transforms U.S. counterterrorism policy

Obama Expected to Name Kerry as Secretary of State

Robert Gibbs: I was told 'not even to acknowledge the drone program'

Iran wins first Oscar with "A Separation"

Argo wins Oscar in Hollywood's dirty anti-Iran game: Analysts

Fars News piece on Oscars