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Links for the 4/20 TRMS

Helix readying Gulf oil spill containment system

April 7, 2011 - 'Not fabulous' good enough for drilling permit

The lessons we learned from Deepwater disaster

Offshore drilling regulator launches new gig

Planned Parenthood suspends pill abortions in Wis

"relating to: voluntary and informed consent to an abortion, information on domestic abuse services, giving a woman an abortion-inducing drug, repealing criminal sanctions against women who perform or obtain certain abortion procedures, and providing a penalty."

Wisconsin Medical Society asks Walker to veto abortion bill

Walker signs slew of controversial legislation, including anti-abortion and sex ed bills

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin plans to end medication-induced abortions

Judge hears arguments on Okla. abortion drug law

Oklahoma bans Sharia law

Oklahoma lawmakers approve life sentence for cooking hashish

Oklahoma House passes 'birther bill' for presidential candidates

Okla. Speaker: 'Personhood' bill won't get hearing

With Voters Focused on Economy, Obama Lead Narrows

High Testosterone

New Romney flack's old pastime: ridiculing the Gingriches

Grenell sorry for 'tongue-in-cheek' tweets

Twin Cities Heroes Parade delayed

Fenway Park 100 years