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Links for the 5/16 TRMS

Just Plain Wrong: House Republican Bill Undermines the Violence Against Women Act

House passes Violence Against Women Act renewal that critics say doesn't protect gays, Native Americans, immigrants

Budget deal includes D.C. abortion rider, money for school vouchers

What's in the Cards for D.C. Budget Autonomy?

Hearing for D.C. Abortion Bill Set for Next Week

Norton Request to Testify at Hearing on Bill to Ban Post-20-Week Abortions Denied

All of those 2010 red/blue maps from the New York Times

How to Act Human: Advice for Mitt Romney From Inside the Actors Studio

Richmond's Welcome Home the Heroes

Welcome Home Heroes - Kansas City

George W. Bush: 'I'm for Mitt Romney'

Christine O'Donnell Endorses Mitt Romney

He who must not be named

Role unlikely for George W. Bush in Romney bid

George W. Bush Advocates For The Keystone Pipeline And Tax Cut Extension

Bush Dips a Toe Back Into Washington

Before the Bush Recession - Supply Side Tax Cuts Failed to Deliver Jobs and Income Growth between 2001 and 2007 (pdf)

Bush '04 pollster: Change in attitudes on gay marriage across the board