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Links for the 5/29 TRMS

June 21, 2000 - Mix-up tells voters they have rap sheet

The Wrong Way To Fix the Vote - June 10, 2001

DEC 8, 2000 - Eliminating fraud — or Democrats?

Fla. Gov. started push to remove voters from rolls

Michael Ertel - ‏@MikeErtel - Passport of one of our voters who recently was incorrectly targeted by the State of Florida as a non-citizen. ‪#sayfie‬

Meet Maureen Russo: An Eligible Florida Voter Governor Rick Scott Just Purged From The Voting Rolls

Meet Bill: The 91-Year-Old Decorated WWII Veteran Targeted By Florida Governor Rick Scott's Voter Purge

Decorated Broward War Hero Targeted In Gov. Scott's Voter Purge

Hispanics, NPAs more likely to face noncitizen voter purge than whites, GOP

Hispanics, Democrats biggest groups on Florida's list of potential noncitizen voters, analysis shows

Dean Heller en Español

Heller reaches out to Hispanics; foes say real message lost in translation