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Links for the 6/17 TRMS

Monday's citations are listed after the jump.

Richard Nixon-Checkers Speech (9/23/1952)

Mansion spending records indicate improper billing by Virginia governor and his family

Federal grand jury to review McDonnell, drug firm ties

FBI looking into relationship between McDonnells, donor

City prosecutor investigating McDonnell's disclosures

Va. Gov. McDonnell on two-way street with chief executive of struggling company

McDonnell mum on chef's claims

After Long Night of Counting, Post-Election Celebrations in Iran

Iran's Ahmadinejad Says America Entrusted Itself to the Devil

Jubilant Iranians cheer election of new president Hassan Rohani

Gerald Tan explains Iran's political power structure

Wisconsin Republicans pass anti-abortion ultrasound bill

Trent Franks: 'The Incidence Of Rape Resulting In Pregnancy Are Very Low'


Fort Hood Suspect Wants to Represent Himself

Fort Hood Suspect Says Rampage Was to Defend Afghan Taliban Leaders

Accused Fort Hood gunman cannot use defending Taliban defense

Judge bans Fort Hood shooting suspect's defense strategy; says Texas troops posed no threat

US House defence bill blocks Obama's plan to close Guantánamo Bay prison

Prosecutor: Court ruling cuts vision for Guantánamo war crimes trials

FOIA suit reveals Guantánamo's 'indefinite detainees'