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Links for the 8/14 TRMS

Citations for Wednesday's show are listed after the jump.

Husband of former Post reporter among journalists killed in Egypt violence

Xpress reporter killed in Egypt clashes

tom finn - ‏@tomfinn2 Getting arrested

CNN's Arwa Damon ducked from gunfire during a report from Cairo.

J.M. Berger - ‏@intelwire Hey everybody, Al Qaeda is using this hashtag to solicit ideas for media ops #اقتراحك_لتطوير_اﻹعلام_الجهادي -- you should all send some.

How To Successfully Ruin Al-Qaeda's Day On Twitter

10 Years After The Blackout, How Has The Power Grid Changed?

Computers, trees and terrorism, lessons from 2003 US blackout: Kemp

10 Years After the Great Blackout, the Grid Is Stronger — but Vulnerable to Extreme Weather

B-52 carrying nukes mistakenly overflies U.S.

Gates fires Air Force's top brass

After Losing Nukes, Air Base Flunks Security Tests

Air Force nuclear units fail inspection in Montana

Confirmed: Air Force Flunks Nuke Inspection

Malmstrom nuclear missile wing fails inspection

Minot operations commander relieved of duty


U.S. Air Force gives failing grade to Montana nuclear unit

Another nuclear stumble by Air Force raises doubts